When John Solomon Twitter first discovered tweets, he couldn’t possibly have imagined what the site would become. Mostly because that’s not a real person and I don’t know much about the founding of Twitter so I made up a story just now. BUT – however it came about, it’s a pretty incredible place to scroll for lols these days.

Enjoy these 13 random samplings of some of the funniest tweets on the whole entire internet webzone.

13. Sweet like honey

They’re the same picture.

12. A watched pot

Time works differently while cooking.


11. Buck up

And generations were forever scarred.

10. Snail fail

This is why those things can’t be trusted. They’re basically slugs with body armor.

9. Party on

“Are millennials killing the gender reveal party industry that they created?”


8. Who said that?

Just gotta talk this through.

7. Automotive autonomy

And the 2nd rule of Fight Cl-I mean, family gatherings…

6. He doth protest too much

This is why we can’t have nice things.

5. Stare-master

Not what I meant, better than I asked for.

4. Little gulp

Perfect for my puppuccino.

3. A clean slate

Desperate times call for desperate measures.


2. I’m cancelled

Let’s be realistic…

1. Calendar calamity

We need to just start all over with measuring the passage of time.

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