Twitter is a constantly revolving door of content, and anyone who has spent time on the platform knows that the majority of that content is just something you scroll through to get to the good stuff.

These 13 tweets are nothing but good stuff, though, so please, scroll and enjoy.

13. And it was already pretty good.

You probably should have chugged it in the car, though.

12. If they could just figure this out…

We would be overrun by deer, I guess.

11. All the good stuff is definitely gone.

Sold out forever, like Lysol.

10. One sign that you’re getting old.

But also, who cares?

Image Credit: Twitter

9. So weird how perspective has shifted.

I’m personally a big fan of staying at home.

8. I will also accept a curtsey.

Or a salute.

7. The first one seems a lot more fun.

Let’s go with that today, brain chemistry.

6. Might as well get up and get something done.

Or doomscroll Twitter. whatever.

5. Everyone knows that’s what makes something awesome.

Image Credit: Twitter

4. That’s pretty low.

Not that we’re judging. We’re not.

Image Credit: Twitter

3. It just seems wrong, doesn’t it?

Or counterintuitive at the very least.

Image Credit: Twitter

2. Now just try to look away.

Cats are always A+ content.

1. You might need two seats, but ok.

It’s not the worst idea I’ve seen.

I’d missed some of these and am happy I’ve read them, now! Because if there’s anything that makes me happy, it’s making sure I don’t miss ANY memes.

What was your favorite? Tell us in the comments!