So, guess what time it is? Yep… time to spot some red flags!

Lauren Chanel took to Twitter to bring up an interesting question:

She makes reference to the 48 laws of power, a weird little book beloved largely by people who maybe take their own domination and manipulation of the world around them a touch too far. Thus, likely a red flag.

But there are plenty more where that came from, aren’t there, Twitter?

13. Bad Tipping

Oh so you wanted to come out and have a nice time but you can’t spare a tiny bit extra?

12. Love bombing

For real, cults do this stuff.

11. “Female”

There is something inherently dehumanizing about it.

10. Littering

Don’t be the litter bug – that’s the worst kind of bug.

9. Bringing it back to me

It demonstrates often that you can’t think of people outside of yourself.

8. You’re the exception

That almost makes me suspicious of me.


That’s all of us, Greg, calm down.

6. Don’t touch

You’re thinking of doin’ it aren’t ya?

5. Playing the victim

Maybe the problem is actually you?

4. Not inquisitive

Let’s keep this all about me, please.

3. No woman, no why

Who is John Galt?
Who the heck cares.

2. Story time

If you take the time to curate and broadcast every waking instant of your life, there might be something going on there.

1. Devil’s advocate

It’s a neat way to toss out your completely uncaring opinion without revealing it as your own.

Man, I am definitely seeing red.

What are some others we’ve missed here?

Tell us in the comments.