I’m not sure exactly when it happens, and it’s probably different for everyone, but there comes a time in each person’s life where they look at themselves and say “I am officially too old to have roommates.”

And just like that, you can never do it again. You can’t even share a hotel room with a friend for a night or two on a trip, that’s how definitive the decision becomes.

Because having roommates, while a rite of passage, it also a ceremony of pains. For instance, they steal crap all the time, as these anonymous contributors will attest.

13 . Meds

This is where it goes from wacky to criminal.

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12. Ashes

Um, there’s clearly a lot more to this story and I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know it.

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11. Credit cards

Gotta give you all the credit for this one.

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10. Silver dollar

According to my cursory Google, these can be worth up to $700 if they’re particularly old and in particularly good condition.

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9. My vape

Maybe she was just trying to help you kick the habit?

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8. Pearl necklace

Don’t make this substitution, btw. Not unless you want to end up with a very embarrassing hospital visit.

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7. Weed

Problems of the young.

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6. Pain meds

This really puts people in a bind.

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5. Sugar

Well that wasn’t very sweet of them.

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4. Service dog

I’m sorry, WHAT?

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3. Video games

The few, the proud, those left behind.

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2. Diamond earrings

Wait – exactly how MUCH soda?

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1. Wedding money

That’s awful.

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Hey, so, don’t ever be this person, ok?

Have you ever had a particularly bad roommate?

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