When I was doing theatre in college, I once played a character with schizophrenia. In preparing for the show, I did a fair amount of research. Since I was approaching it as someone portraying the condition rather than someone studying it, I wanted to hear about personal experiences.

I read stories written by schizophrenics, I met a man living in a group support home who’d dealt with it literally since birth. It was all very eye-opening. Basically, Schizophrenia is what happens when your brain gets into such a state that it can’t really tell reality from imagination anymore. It’s treatable, and medications and therapies are getting better all the time. But it’s a heavy reminder that we’re made of some fairly fragile stuff, and we need to treat ourselves with care.

Here are a few anonymous contributions from people who live with those dealing with the disorder.

13. “I love him, but…”

Man, how do you lose a therapist?

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12. “He’s good people”

The two things are definitely not mutually exclusive.

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11. “I hope you die”

What a horrible thing to hear.

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10. “Because my grandma asked me”

That’s quite a responsibility to take on.

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9. “Things are getting out of hand”

You’re not gonna see that money for long.

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8. “Wow.”

You take after them, huh?

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7. “I will never have a child”

That is one of the heaviest things I’ve ever heard.

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6. “For the first time”

How can you handle that sort of thing?

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5. “I cry every time”

“He already asked me what my favorite ice cream was like 5 secs ago. So sad.”

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4. “I worry”

That’s understandable.

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3. “Too many tales”

Strange how we all find a way to survive.

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2. “I’d call the cops, but…”


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1. “I hate how mean society can be”

We’re all only human.

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It’s pretty sobering stuff.

Do you have experience with this sort of thing?

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