As we scroll endlessly through this big, wide internet of ours, we sometimes come across things that make us stop, and in a loud voice declare simply: “WHY?”

People never cease to surprise each other, and not always in a good way. Take these 13 examples of things that should probably never have happened.

13. Don’t be a d*ck

Ah, nature’s splendor. What marvels the eons of time have carved for us to…oh…

12. Give it a rest

People who do this: who raised you? And how can I reach them? I need a chat.

11. Nope.


10. Grander theft auto

It’s a match made in prison.

9. It’s a sign

This is a monument to a feud that’s likely years in the making.

8. Let me be brief

This is a lawful evil right here.

7. Chomp and spin

I’ve read it 5 times. Still can’t wrap my head around it.

6. Play stupid games…

…win stupid prizes.

5. Droning on

I wonder how many responses they got.

4. Click bate

I don’t think we deserve to have media anymore.

3. Stepping up

The occasional brown letters just make the whole thing worse.

2. Wearing protection

I know the condom gloves should be the thing bothering me, but the real crime here is that the DAMN MASK IS UNDER THE NOSE.

1. Loud and clear

Are you…are you selling him? What is this sign for?

None of those things should have been, but they were, and they are, and now you’ve seen them. You are welcome.

What’s something you’ve seen recently that shouldn’t be?

Tell us in the comments.