Millennials recently coined the phrase “OK Boomer” to dismiss anything a Baby Boomer has to say.

And, yes, it’s not fair. But it IS funny.

Here are 13 times that millennials kept on going and roasted the sh^t out of boomers on Twitter.

1. Hey, you got the message, didn’t you?

2. I feel like the person who tweeted this is an Uber driver.

3. Or your Christmas morning tunes.

4. All you need is a little determination to make it work.

5. The people would probably rather not talk to you, though.

6. All the money goes to the same place.

7. I am GenX but guilty.

8. Seriously, my toddler can figure this out.

9. Not funny…

10. How do you send pictures?

11. OMFG… this!

12. Yeah, gross

13. Come on now…

Savage! Peak boomer culture has been upended.

Will it ever recover? Do they even care?

Let us know your fave smackdowns in the comments!