The wonderful, weird, and occasionally disturbing thing about the internet is that no matter how specific your interest, there’s a place you can get together with other people and talk about it. Regardless of how niche or tedious the thing on your mind, a corner of the this web exists where you can articulate it, and your musings will be appreciated.

Tumblr is a place that seems particularly keen on this – fostering not only specialized communities but also posts that stop you in your tracks with their intense expression of some very weirdly specific sentiment. Let’s scratch our heads and look at some examples now, shall we?

13. Leaving a legacy

We all have to put our mark on this world.


12. I like the way you work it (no granary)

Somebody had his heart broken and his bread stole.


11. Tomato, tomato

The Saw franchise is really running out of ideas.


10. A timeless classic

Elvish has left the building.


9. Third time’s the charm

Fittingly enough, I had to read this three times to understand it.


8. Venue visitation

Don’t let anyone keep you from your dreams.


7. Splitting hairs

There are two sides to every coin.


6. Hitting a Homer

I had no idea there was so much tea to spill on this.


5. Drama queen

Embrace it, he’s a very funny character.


4. I’m sorry, Watt?

I will pay you money to NOT see the second chapter of this story.


3. Farm to trouble

He’s been waiting his entire life for this opportunity.


2. Dippin’ out

They’re the ice cream of the future. Mere supermarkets are not ready for them yet.


1. In the Navy

Just write some erotica already.


There’s something strangely refreshing about delving into the specific depths of the oddly fixated. Maybe because it’s the opposite of “basic?” This merits further investigation. I’m going to go write a very specific paper about it.

In the meantime, what’s an oddly specific thing you can’t stop thinking about?

Share it in the comments.