Are you single? Are you single a lot? Are you single kinda all the time except for the times when you’re not which you hardly notice because of all the times you are?

If you said “yes,” to any of those questions, that’s very silly. I can’t hear you, you’re talking to yourself, and this is probably why you’re single all the time.

But never fear, because we’ve got some tweets from people who can commiserate. They know what you’re going through. They know what you’re about. And they’re here to make you laugh about it.

13. Season 1

The writing really starts to pick up after that.

12. The future implications

Keep this in mind also while staging the photos themselves.

11. The low point

Like, below sea level or what?

10. Overly engaged

It’s getting really scary out here, everybody’s yelling about rings and I think I have to go to some expensive parties.

9. Totally trashed

Man, this is an absolutely brutal picture.

8. Plan A

Wait, were some of you not planning on that?

7. Let’s spoon

I don’t care if I’m the big one or the little one, we’re both awful.

6. Keep up the good fight

I didn’t lose my legs out there for this.

5. Flag that

And yet somehow it still took me so long to see.

4. Follow up questions

Get to the important stuff like “Do you watch Parks and Rec?”

3. Spelling it out

Ah yes, we all know who you’re talking about.

2. Too tired

Come on man, I need a nap.

1. Stick to the plan

This feels like a test.

Stay strong, single friends!

What’s your best relationship advice?

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