I’m terrible with directions. Absolutely horrible. Lucky for me, I was born at such a time that I only had to drive around getting lost for the first couple years before GPS in cars and on phones became ubiquitous and after that I was fairly ok.

But let’s be clear: I use Google Maps.

A moment of silence for the Apple Maps users of the world. Being the absolute Goliath of a company that they are, you’d think they would have this down by now, but nope. Still as unreliable as ever. And that’s evident from the absolute roasting they’re getting on Twitter.

10. And I would walk 500 miles…

That sounds less like a navigation system and more like a hostage situation.

9. Sleeping with the enemy

You know they all do it, and they all hide it from each other.

8. Flight risk

Yeah something like that would probably sour you forever.


7. Raise the roof

Ah, yes, thank you, exactly where I wanted to go.

6. Very suggestive

Come on man, not again.


5. A day at the park

Wtf is actually going on in this picture?

4. Lost in the wilderness

This is my new get rich quick scheme.

3. Killer app

I don’t think that’s what they meant to do.

2. A new career field

You see what I did there? With the title? I’m proud of that one.


1. Do the math

Stay in your lane, bud.


I mean they’ve only been working on it for, what, a decade? I’m sure they’ll fix the bugs any minute.

What GPS team are you on?

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