Looking for something to vibe with today? Well, the long search is over. Because we’ve got some real vibe-worthy pieces of viral goodness right here.

There’s a reason they’re all so popular, and that’s because they’re all so true. Deeply true. True in a way that will make you laugh and then nod sagely, like the sage nodder you are.


15. I am enough

I prefer my mantras scrawled out in crayon, thank you.

14. Tick tock

Anyone who actually lives in a place with fields will tell you, don’t you dare even step in there unless you’re clothed head to toe and drowning in bug spray.

13. Do the math

“Why do ya have to add letters to math? Why can’t ya just go f**k yourself?”

12. Try, try again

Kiss the cook. The cook is struggling.


11. Wanna get away?

I think the only real advantage to hotels is that we all get to know what it’s like to have somebody else clean for us.

10. What a bargain!

It all adds up, yanno.

9. Wake up call

Hey man, you do you. I guess.

8. Tech support

How the tables have turned…

7. A friendly chat

Imma let you finish, but…nothing, I’m just gonna let you finish.

6. The way we were

Oh, us in May of 2021. So young. So naive.

5. Foot pics

Don’t let them fool you – they’re not as innocent as they look.

What LEGOs do when we aren’t looking
by inpics

4. Just filler

Webster’s dictionary defines “words” as…

At the end of your essay when you’re filling the word count with unnecessary words
byu/greeneggs93 inRelatable

3. Laid off

That’s premium air you’re talkin about though.

2. Guard the door

I have SO much to teach you in these remaining moments.

1. The cram

Best of luck, my man.


Dude, what a vibe.

What’s your favorite joke you’ve heard lately?

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