You know how when you were a kid, you’d be sitting in a car or wherever with your friends and somebody would say something funny, then the whole squad just starts jumping in with funny variations and additions to that thing, and soon everybody’s losing their minds with laughter?

That’s riffing, and man is it fun. But what if you don’t have “friends” or a “car?” How can you get your riff on? Simple, just go to tumblr and see what kinds of things people there are talking about, and join in on that particular fun. You won’t regret it. Just like these epic riffers didn’t.

14. Jekyll and Hyde

Maybe you should have called the book “Dr. Jekyll, et all.”

13. Finders keepers

If God wants to find me, he knows where I am.

12. Clowning around

Dunking on yourself for the greater good is a wonderful sacrifice to make.

11. Where did you come from

Finally, the answers we’ve all been longing for.

10. The sequel

It took me a second. And then…oh God.

9. Meowdy, partner

Can you imagine how much actual money it cost to make something like this?

8. Choose your fighter

Is that you, Thor?

7. Inflated egos

I appreciate your concern for safety, ma’am, but no one is recommending this.

6. Best of breed

Will the winner be Tommy, Tanner, or Tommi with an I?

5. Over the top

What kind of bathrooms are you going to?

4. Not Haunted

Methinks they do protest too much.

3. What’s old is new again

Yeah I really don’t think this has gone away.

2. The times they are a’changin

Once the generation after you is graduating high school, you lose all frame of reference forever.

1. Don’t take my man

She’s more powerful than we could have imagined.

Now that’s a car of people I’d love to hang out with.

What’s your best joke as of late?

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