When I was a kid, I thought of Disney as a general collection of epic cartoons that sort of came out of a wormhole or something – they’d always been and they always would be. They weren’t new or old, they were just Disney magic.

Now that I’m an adult, I think of Disney as a multinational conglomerate with a very realistic eye on monopolizing the entire entertainment industry.

But also Bambi though.

I’m not alone in my struggles with Disney fandom. My thoughts. My borderline obsessions. There are dozens like me, dozens! And many of them are hanging out on Tumblr.

12. A wicked curse

She DID want more than that provincial life.


11. Face-blindness

I am like borderline face blind and it sucks, tbh.


10. You fight good

Whatever those writers are getting paid, it’s not enough.


9. Back in the streets

Sounds like we’d better *puts on sunglasses* hop to it.


8. Ratting me out

“Please don’t tell people how I live.”


7. Invaders! Intruders!

Those two really do put up with a lot.


6. The trio

History repeats itself – what’s old is new again.


5. People

Yay I’m a llama again! Wait.


4. Monsters dank

They gotta roll with the times, yanno.


3. Hey Gaston!

Animation truly is a beautiful artform.


2. It’s all in the title

I’d like one ticket for this immediately please.


1. She’s pure evil

And you’re gonna know about it.


Oh, tumblr. With¬† your fandoms and your shipping and whatever else you kids are into. Don’t ever change.

What’s your favorite Disney movie ever?

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