Tumblr has been around for well over a decade at this point, and in internet time, that might as well be centuries.

The wealth of culture amassed within those years far outweighs the historical remains of some ancient civilizations. You could fill entire massive libraries with the content on this platform, and one or two of the posts aren’t even about Doctor Who.

But a few have risen to the top. They’ve become legends. They are part of our heritage. These are the Tumblr posts that belong in a museum.

15. Lorem ipsum

Some sort of test post, apparently. Or else this “Demo” is an ancient god of some kind.


14. No it’s Becky

Then she infamously had a t-shirt made of this and worse it.


13. The ball pit

From the infamous failure of Dashcon.


12. Digital Boston harbor

History repeats itself.


11. The deathening

Seriously, for a while the entire website was more or less only these five franchises.


10. Tumblr = Boring

You don’t wanna mess with us.


9. Unpopular Ship

When you just need to feel a certain kind of love.


8. Imagine How is Touch the Sky

It’s like the sign version of that “Have You Ever Had a Dream” kid.


7. I like your shoelaces

But did this ever happen?


6. Tumblr Prom

I can feel the butterflies in my stomach already.


5. The reading wars

They really got very out of hand quickly.


4. Question everything

It started out with a post, how did it end up like this…


3. The Russian spies

They’re pretty much the entire internet.


2. Fight like a girl

The queen approves.


1. World tour

A case of non-mistaken identity.


Absolute classics.

What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever seen on Tumblr?

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