Even though in my head I’m still, like, 12, I do have to begrudgingly admit to myself that I am a full grown adult.

And once you’re in that undeniable region, you can’t help but look back at your younger years and wonder, “did I do it right? Did I do enough?”

What is the teenage stuff you should do or try before turning 18?
byu/IAMSADGGG inAskReddit

Let’s see what checklist Reddit recommends for the youths.

1. Enjoy it

Enjoy the last bit of your teenage years, especially with your friends as once you join the work force and start getting your career rolling so will your friends and as you may still be close finding time when you are all free can become increasingly difficult.

At least in my experience.

– wolfpack187

2. Take a finance lesson

Ik this is boring as he**, but take a finance lesson.

3 hours and you will end up saving yourself loads of debt and other problems

– Pilifino

3. Enjoy time with your friends

If you can, go on little vacations with just them. Like camping is pretty cheap, can be done with teenage money.

Take pictures and make sure they’re backed up on a separate thing than your phone, in case you lose it or something(pretty much applies to all memorable pictures you don’t want to lose). You’ll want pictures for the rest of your life.

Also the camping with only people your age kinda is good practice for being self-sufficient. You guys cook and set up the site and do everything for yourself. No parents to help.

– RemedialAsschugger

4. Get your flirt on

Maybe have light relationships or flirting or whatever. More of a practice thing too.

DON’T get stds, nothing like that, obv be careful. But learning to deal with another person, practice not being too nervous to talk to someone, learn what your boundaries are, don’t let someone walk all over you just because you like them, but also don’t become unwilling to compromise when you might not be fair to their needs/respecting differences or something.

It can get a lot messier later if you find stuff like that out after you moved in with someone.

– RemedialA**chugger

5. Learn to cook

Then learn how to cook 7 separate meals for 4 people.

Now you have 7 dinners you can rotate in a week for a family of 4, or be the most popular roommate in college.

– Talkaze

6. Learn to do stuff alone

Go to museums, hike, etc. Be okay being alone.

Don’t neglect friends, but don’t rely on them to do anything you want to do.

Do stupid stuff. Go skinny dipping, take your parents car on a late night joyride (make sure you’re properly licensed and insured just in case).

– catmom6353

7. Sneak out

Sometimes i sneak out at night with my friend and just go cycling around the village while our parents think we’re asleep.

There’s that feeling you won’t feel when you’re an adult.

– ThisIsGoodName

8. Read a lot

You’re on the cusp of really getting lots of big books. You now have the vocabulary, maturity, and the ability to understand symbolism and subtext.

Books read when you’re between 14 & 20 tend to have the biggest impact on you. They can literally shape your life.

Choose some big, chunky books and devour them: Dune, Lord of the Rings, the Bible, the Odyssey, the Iliad, Paradise Lost, The Once and Future King, etc…

Choose some shorter ones too: Lord of the Flies, A Brave New World, I Robot, etc…

It’s also fine to enjoy some “young adult” fiction (e.g. The Hunger Games)

Books contain a ton of lessons that you can learn and it can save you from learning painful ones through personal experience.

For many, college and/or university kills their enjoyment of reading.

– SaidTheCanadian

9. Go on mini-adventures

Go solo or with friends

Take the bus and go somewhere

Try staying in a hostel in another city

Or go on a backpacking / camping trip

Or just go for a hike or even a long-distance bike trip

– SaidTheCanadian

10. Don’t try to be mature

Do silly or stupid things for stupid’s sake. And some of the best memories are made when you avoid doing “adult” things. You’ll have plenty of time to drink and hookup later. Spend your time being childish and immature, just don’t do anything illegal or immoral.

Go to that IHOP at 3am. Explore those woods (either alone or with friends) and swim naked in the creek. Go to that midnight premiere in a crappy cosplay of your favorite character. If an idea for that school project seems too crazy, do it anyway. Buy a bunch of old fruit and play baseball with it.

There is plenty of stupidity to experience that doesn’t involve alcohol, s**, or drugs. So do things that might make you cringe later, but were innocent and wholesome enough that you won’t regret them.

– Ben-Stanley

11. Keep things in perspective

Your adult years are so more fun: you’ll have money, freedom. For now be grateful for the free rent and food, no responsibilities.

Be cool to your parents- they’re trying!

Focus on school and building your future life to the best of your ability.

Don’t get into legal trouble, don’t get pregnant or herpes.

Be brave with your heart: tell your crushes about your feelings.

– Not-a-Kitten

12. Enjoy your friends

After you finish high school and get into the workforce, a lot of people you know will eventually drift away, get into their own life and you’ll never see them again.

So those people? The one’s you’ve always wanted to talk to, just chat with, even, but have never had the chance to? Do it, or you’ll regret it later.

I know I do.

– Meerkat45K

13. It’s not a race

I think you need to understand that life isn’t a race, and 90% of the things people say you should do before 18 can be done at most points throughout your life.

Have fun, experiment, don’t feel pressure to be someone you’re not and 100% learn how to cook.

Otherwise you’re a nightmare to live with

– 652684010101

14. Follow your bliss

Don’t f**k about with whateveryone else is doing.

You know you better than anyone, set yourself up to be the most knowledgeable person in what ever it is you LOVE.

NOW RE-learn it from bottom to top.

Now make it a business in anyway shape or form. Life set .

– scotja

15. It’s all you

Everything YOU want to do.

My personal experiences won’t be to your taste so do everything you know you won’t regret doing/not doing.

– xReyjinx

I’d say that’s all pretty solid advice! Weird number of references to skinny dipping though. Is that something y’all did a lot?

What advice would you give to a teen?

Tell us in the comments.