I’m not sure what the pitch meeting was for the people who ended up inventing Tumblr, but I’m guessing that what they actually ended up with was a fair bit different.

Nobody could have predicted what this odd little enigma of a platform would turn into. Nobody could have known. But we’re all at least a tad grateful, because it gives us gems like these.

Enjoy these 15 times that Tumblr just knocked it out of the park.

15. Very jarring

Thanks, my eyeballs didn’t need this and neither did my brain.


14. Witchy business

We’re really getting into the weeds here.


13. Your ugly mug

Come on, get with the times mug people.


12. There wolf, there castle

Don’t you go making assumptions, now.


11. Stay on Target

Our genetic memory is completely at odds with the way that we live.


10. Just imagine

I think they’re about Raid: Shadow Legends.


9. Defend the punk

Don’t wanna have to pop your bubble here.


8. Notice me, Horton

A wild Canadian appears.


7. The wipe down

Musn’t let the other drivers know that I am also driving.


6. The natural way

If it comes from me, it can’t be beat.


5. Hold the phone

This test will work on literally any of them.


4. Give up the ghost

How about one of these shows that’s even remotely interesting, how about that.


3. Fling away

That’s not really how the meteor worked but ok.


2. Fiddle me this

Come on man, just play along.


1. Commander in Chief

Don’t say stuff like “Turtle President,” we’re gonna end up with Mitch McConnell.


Just knocking it out of the park every time, Tumblr.

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