It’s funny and horrifying to think back to the beginning of this year, when we were all having little semantic arguments about whether 2020 was technically the start of a new decade or not. (For the record, I don’t care what the official system is, the decade starts when the third digit changes, that’s just common sense.) Little did we know that a short while later we’d be having arguments about whether 2020 was technically the start of the apocalypse or not.

At least we got some funny tweets out of it?

12. Butt of the joke

Thanks, I hate it.

11. Isolation syndrome

It has been a year of very mixed feelings for us introverts.

10. Taste the rainbow

The only vacation I can afford anyway.

9. Love schedule

I’m sure our “QUICK OPEN EVERYTHING UP OH F*** CLOSE IT AGAIN” strategy will start working any minute now.

8. Long hair, don’t care

I’m guessing you’re wrong but a man can hope.

7. Busy busy busy

Panic attacks burn a lot of calories too, it turns out.

6. Corn-n-tine

I’ll never take the little things for granted again.

5. Sweet release

I found myself thinking the other day “Can’t wait for the Fall so this mask isn’t so hot.”

4. Cancelled activities

Just because they were stupid doesn’t mean they weren’t plans.

3. Beat the devil out of it

The gentlest among us have their limits.

2. Safety from numbers

If ya’ll screw me over on this, so help me…

2. Cursed monkey paw

It sounds like paradise until you can’t leave.

1. A new low

The plot twists in this movie are getting out of control.

Eventually this year will fade away with all its horrors, but we’ll still have these funny tweets. So that’s…something? I guess?

What’s the best and/or worst part about 2020?

Tell us in the comments.