Maybe my favorite show of all time, Futurama, coined the phrase “You are technically correct – the best kind of correct.” It’s a funnier line in context but technically correct is definitely the best flavor of correct when it comes to jokes.

When tiny truths you never thought about get framed in a perfectly novel way, the result is comedy gold. Here’s a few examples from the good folks on Twitter.

13. Not a flotation device

12. This week, on making an open-mic-er

11. *mic drop* *beat drop*

10. It’s the true measure of society

9. You can do anything…once

8. Then why to they call it yellowcake?

7. So I’m not drinking alone?

6. I think I need a charger

5. No one nose the truth

4. TIL foods have genres

3. They couldn’t really reschedule it

2. Decimated by decimals

1. She’ll outlive us all

Man. If being right in jokes is wrong, then I don’t want to be…wrong. Hmm. Ok, I confused myself with that one, I’ll need to go workshop it for a while.

What’s your favorite technically correct joke?

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