Tumblr was founded by a high school drop out by the name of David Karp when he was just 17 years old. 6 years later he sold the platform to Yahoo for a little over a billion dollars. That’s an awful lot of money for a site dedicated mostly to Harry Potter memes, but I guess it’s no surprise when you really think about it. Tumblr is a huge, welcoming place where creativity and individual output is emphasized. The result is some really incredible and poignant stuff, as well as a true treasure trove of absolute lunacy and silliness that just keeps me clicking through for more.

Here are 13 random posts that prove Tumblr is worth every penny of a billion bucks.

13. Bombshell burial

Hey, UK, everything alright over there?


12. Wake up, moon sheeple

I definitely have a firm grasp on correlation vs. causation.


11. Bi-lociraptor

They say their vision is based on cuteness.


10. Pie, pie, pie

I didn’t ask for this and I don’t want it in my head.


9. Linguistic evolution

“B’mood” sounds Shakespearean, honestly.


8. Nightcrawlers

You won’t wiggle out of this one.


7. 7

I have always been this classy and I always will be.


6. I sure hope it does

There are somewhere around 500 million Tumblr users, btw.


5. Disappoint-mint

If you can’t take the heat, get out of the freezer.


4. Mood swings

My reformation was brief but refreshing.


3. Vaporized

I didn’t realize this is what they meant when they said smoking kills.


2. Dirty jobs

My guess is “boy oh boy there are some good paychecks.”


1. Music frenzy

Things are officially out of control.


If those 13 posts alone aren’t worth the GDP of Grenada then I simply don’t know what is. Thank you Tumblr for your great service to mankind!

What, in your opinion, is peak Tumblr?

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