If you don’t know by now, women are funnier than men.

Why? Because tragedy + time = comedy and nobody has seen more tragedy than women. And if you disagree with that, you’ve haven’t been paying attention to life.

Here are 10 women who make us laugh more than we should be allowed.

1. That gender game, tho…

2. Memories… like the postmates in my mind…

3. He doesn’t have a type, does he? Oh…

4. So what’s the world again? I forgot.


5. Let me count the ways…


6. Always thought this…

And it turns out…

7. Yeah, ladies… you know this game


8. I needed this in my life.

9. She gonna live FOREVER!

10. bo*bies of the world, unite!

11. Okay, do we have the same dad, or…

12. OMFG… I hate people.

13. Anybody got any juice? Because Tay-tay don’t…

Well, that was fun, wasn’t it? Yeah, we need to do this more often.

How does next Tuesday work for you? Oh, you’re booked?

How about next Thursday? Oh, the week is full.

Wednesday after next? No….

Okay, I’ll just text you soon.