Centuries of science have led us to one very important conclusion: skeletons are very spoopy.

They haunt our Halloween times, they dance around menacingly in our cartoons, they sit inside our very bodies, waiting for their moment to strike. But perhaps the spoopiest thing of all about them bones is how deceptive they are. Looking at the skeleton of a common animal, you’d just as likely as not get the completely wrong impression of what the thing really looked like. In other words, those tricky spoopy bois lie to us.

Here are just 14 examples to illustrate exactly why skeletons can’t be trusted.

14. Quokka

What a ferocious smile.

13. Tree

Technically not a skeleton, but the point remains.

12. Pug

Either way, these things shouldn’t exist.

11. Leopard Seal

A mighty derp has been awakened.

10. Chameleon

Ah yes. Its true form is MUCH more reasonable.

9. Gecko

Plus it’ll sell you car insurance.

8. Platypus

I can’t believe the second pic is fake and the third one is real.

7. Hippo

Don’t let the looks deceive, he’ll still chomp you down.

6. Ferret

From brute to cute.

5. Killer Whale

Still got killer in the name, though.

4. Toddler

The most terrifying creature of all is not It, but Us.

3. Bobcat

Watch out for them teeth.

2. Aye-Aye

You can’t convince me these things aren’t aliens.

1. Crab

Ok, maybe some skeletons deserve our trust.

Pretty eye-opening. Remember to stay vigilant toward those lying skeletons. They’re extremely sneaky. There may even be some in your house RIGHT NOW!

What do you think is the weirdest looking animal in the world?

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