There’s a lot of negativity in the world today, so when we get the chance to post a list of fun tidbits from Tumblr, well, we’re definitely going to take it.

You know Tumblr, right? It’s that place that everybody went to when you were 13, and you probably saw some naughty stuff there… and you stuck around because you enjoyed talking to weirdoes just like you… but you haven’t been there in a few years… and you think about it fondly… but not enough to go back.

You know… Tumblr!

So here are 14 little funnies that we think will make your day the tiniest bit better.

14. The genes are strong with this one.

Luke is very extra
byu/LabyrinthianLily intumblr

13. Seems like the obvious answer.

Frankenstein, the real monster
byu/letters_to_deaf_ears intumblr

12. It was such a weird time for all of us.

The smoothness of SmartBoards is godly
byu/spiceeboiis intumblr

11. I don’t think that would be acceptable to a professor.

Random knowledge
byu/ExpertAccident intumblr

10. I mean…both of these are true.

Well I mean they’re not wrong
byu/VUXX6078 intumblr

9. I mean, maybe it would have been better if it hadn’t been made.

What even is star wars
byu/enderkings99 intumblr

8. I think this definitely happened.

Ok Gov’ner
byu/arrrggghhhhhhhhh intumblr

7. That’s what’s known as “really good writing.”

byu/ExpertAccident intumblr

6. It’s definitely one reason.

Answer each of their questions with a question
byu/notleonardodicaprio intumblr

5. This person frightens me.

[deleted by user]
by intumblr

4. I think all of this is fundamentally true.

Kids and learning.
byu/LabyrinthianLily intumblr

3. The couple that acts like idiots together, stays together.

Goals tbh
byu/Master1718 intumblr

2. With great power comes great responsibility.

power move
byu/Enframed intumblr

1. Yeah, I’d pay money to see that.

byu/inquisitorglockta intumblr

Did we make you laugh? Guffaw? Chortle? We certainly hope so, because why else are we here if not to make you laugh?

Share your favorite post from the list in the comments so we know we’re getting it right!

Thanks so much, fam!