You cannot and will not convince me that every single dog in the world shouldn’t be called very good boy and a very good girl every single day of the year.

These 14 dogs are especially good girls and boys. You’ll see why.

14. Take no prisoners when there’s cheese around.

13. That is one special mutt.

12. What. On. Earth. I’m crying.

11. We don’t play games when there is cheese nearby.

10. I’m sort of concerned about this good boy?

9. They’re obviously being naughty and you just missed it.

8. HA! Nice outfit.

7. She’s lucky the dog didn’t pee while she was getting her dressed.

6. When you gotta have fries, you gotta have fries.

5. I just shrieked because OMG SO TINY.

4. He seriously looks like he’s wearing dentures.

3. I’m pretty sure he knows exactly what she’s saying.

2. The pup deserves a vacay, too!

1. How YOU doin?

If any of these pups ever need a home, they can come and live with me. No questions asked.

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