If you love funny tweets from the ladies in the house, then you probably already know that the material out there is literally endless.

That said, there are standouts every day, and every week, and when we were rounding up the most recently brilliance, these 12 women came out on top.

There’s just something about a good joke that starts your day off on the right foot!

11. This is the worst lie we tell ourselves. We’re always late for work.

You don’t have time Linda! Get it last night.

10. Stone cold mom humor.

Damn mom… why so fierce today?


9. This is good life advice tbh.

Gotta take those mental health breaks!

8. Then you grow up and realize fruity drinks are pretty delicious sometimes.

Ugh… who SHOOTS whiskey. Gack!

7. I mean we all do English class differently, okay?

You can be beautiful AND be eloquent. There’s no rule against it!

6. Mostly reposting for the user name.

Shhh… it’ll be our little secret.

5. That makes more sense than a tapeworm, doesn’t it?

But… how did that onion get in there, tho?


4. I mean…that’s what you do with birthday cake.

Unless… you’re a pig?

3. Brains are funny sometimes, the words they pull out.

Dads gotta dad!


2. This is so true and like everyone, even bosses, know it.

But… they don’t necessarily LIKE it.

1. Yeah you’re going to want to steer clear of that.

Alright, something is wrong. Just tell me!

I’m inspired to up my tweeting game now more than ever!

Are you into Twitter? How do you decide what accounts to follow – the social commentary? The humor? The scathing comebacks?

Let us know your style in the comments!