This collection of memes is tailor made for the ladies, but I’m not a lady and I still found them pretty dang funny, so we think you’ll probably enjoy them no matter who you are! Unless who you are is somebody with no sense of humor. In which case…we can’t really help ya.

Enjoy these 14 funny memes that will make your day a little lighter and brighter.

14. Dog days

It’s me except I’m never this cute.

13. Absolutely fabulous

“I hope in my lifetime we can all continue to laugh at ourselves and not put down anyone for what they weigh.” – Richard Simmons

12. Bang it out

What do mental health professionals have on some clippers?

11. The way you look tonight

I’d settle for just the money, but I feel ya.

10. Worth it

I live in defiance of my own body and nothing you can say will change that.

9. Sweet dreams

Sleeping like a log means roaring like a chainsaw.

8. Glamour shots

I just tell people I’m a vampire so I don’t show up in pictures.

7. Rising tides

The march of human progress toward an all-denim super being continues.

6. Just browsing

That’s what happens when you get out of that seawater.

5. Gut instinct

I am proud to announce the arrival of a new food baby.

4. Standing strong

The tea has been spilled, there is no unspilling it.

3. Fakeup

It’s called Clown Chic and it’s about to become very big.

2. Spray and pray

This hose ain’t loyal.

1. Bless you

Yup, looks good, ready to go.

If those memes didn’t make your day at least 40% brighter, we’ll return all the money you paid to look at this list, guaranteed.

Where do your favorite memes come from?

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