With Disney wringing every last dollar out of their renaissance-era properties in the form of live action (or sometimes just CG?) remakes, it’s refreshing to go back and revisit the classic stories we were brought up with, and appreciate what made them great…and what made them downright weird.

As beloved as the Disney Princess is in general, there’s plenty to laugh about if you deconstruct things a little. And nobody likes doing that more than the people of Twitter.

14. No, stop, don’t

Why do they have Mulan sized armor?


13. Reverse, reverse

Better than most of the DCEU movies.

12. Plothole

I can forgive pumpkins turning into carriages, but THIS?

11. Unprepared

These are the tests of parenting you just don’t see coming.

10. It’s in my name

What, you’re so great cause you sit around reading all day? Maybe contribute to society, BELLE.

9. Fishy friendship

I can’t stop laughing at the term “tiny kid fish.”


8. That escalated quickly

I think it became too big for its own good.

7. What did I do last night?

Seriously how dumb is this prince?


6. Night of the living silverware

Thank God the toilets aren’t alive.

5. Some restrictions apply

Look, you gotta read the fine print.

4. The average mermaid

Why must we belittle her?

3. Coincidence?

Disney knew THIS WHOLE TIME.


2. Principles

Say what you want, at least it’s an ethos.

1. Trust in me

Come on, what about this seems weird to you?

At the end of the day, the nitpicks are funny, but the true spirit of these movies is letting your imagination run free and enjoying some bangers along the way.

What’s your favorite Disney Princess?

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