Been staying away from Twitter lately? Don’t blame ya. It’s a mess out there. Lucky for you, we’ve got a collection of some of the best recent tweets that you can peruse without wading through any of the garbage! Horray!

Enjoy 15 of the best newer tweets on the interwebs.

15. Special delivery

The “fee for not having enough fees” fee is where they really getcha.

14. Regression

This time you get to experience it without homework.

13. Sweat, baby

I hate sweat and I hate pants but I love sweatpants. Who knew.

12. Avocado love

Damn millennials are at it again.

11. Pro procrastinator

I’m definitely gonna get around to doing something eventually, mark my words

10. Greet-seeking missile

We’re gonna getcha.

9. Isolation gossip

Oh, anxiety, you rascal.

8. It me

The gift that keeps on giving.

7. Running simulations

This is normal, but therapy couldn’t hurt.

6. The clips

It always hurt and I always did it anyway.

5. Hypnotic

I do this too and I hate every second of it, why does this app exist?

4. Follow old Rafiki…

…he knows the way.

3. Rat ’em out

I feed my internet DAILY so that it grows up FAST and STRONG.

2. Brace yourself

I’ve gotten to the point where I ignore fully 3/4 of the my phone notifications.

1. The collapse

I don’t know what’s sadder; that someone made this or that I keep watching it on a loop.

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