Everybody having a good week? You better be! Because if you’re not, then we need that to change, stat!

It’s actually been a hilarious week in the Twitter-verse, and to prove it, we’re bringing you 10 of the funniest tweets you’ll read this week or ANY week!

How’s that for service? We aim to please and our aim is right on this week.

Set your faces to laugh, and get ready to… LAUGH YOUR A** OFF!

1. Devastating, isn’t it?

This happens to me every single time.

2. Seems to like it.

But don’t these kinds of dogs always seem to like it?

3. That is amazing.

It fits perfectly! Snug as a bug!

4. Hmmmmm. Isn’t that the theme, gurl?

Does she really understand what she’s doing?

5. No, not that.

This ACTUALLY happens, though. For reals.

6. Not bad at all.

I can dig it!

7. A great short film.

5-second rule? Sheeeeeeeeeettttt…. I’ll eat that stuff if it’s been on the floor for 5 hours, kid.

8. Seems abundantly clear to me.

This guy is a poet and he don’t know it.

9. Sounds like true love that will last forever and ever!

I play this game with all my friend. It’s so fun! I haven’t heard from them in months.

Did we tell you or did we tell you? That’s right… we TOLD you!

Alright, now it’s your turn to tell us. Which of these tweets was the funniest? And which was the most hilarious?

Are those the same thing? Well, you tell us.

Drop a comment, yo!