I honestly don’t know whether to applaud these tweets or go run and hide. Because they’re so on point that they scare me a little.

But hey, it’s okay to be scared every now and again. It’s just a reminder that we’re still alive, we still can be shocked… and we need to get out A LOT more.

These 14 examples will make you feel the same. Probably.

1. Absolutely amazing.

2. Well, if you put it THAT way…

3. Every night around 2 a.m.

4. Let’s GO!!!

5. Yep. I can affirm this.

6. A+ for effort.

7. Well, that seals it. No first class for me ever.

8. Call the burn unit!

9. I’d watch it! Wait… I’m living it…

10. Whosawhatsit?

11. How about Tiny Tim? Or Iggy Pop?

12. Who wants kids now?!

13. OMFG!

14. Truth.

That didn’t hurt much, did it? In fact, I bet it felt pretty good. I bet you even laughed a little.

Tell us which were your faves in the comments. Don’t delay!