Stressed out? Who could blame ya. We live in very stressful times, not to mention the overall anxiety that just comes with being a human person. Everyone has different coping mechanisms to deal with stress. Some people squeeze little office toys, some play video games, some make a drink or 7, and some express themselves through memes.

That last one is what we’re all about today; expressing and commiserating over our trials and tribulations with random little internet pictures to remind us that even though the struggle is real, we’re not going at it alone.

Here are 14 stress memes to help you blow off some steam if you’re just a little overwhelmed today.

14. Positive affirmations

Anything with “butt” in it can’t be that bad.

13. Know the signs

Don’t overdo it, you’ve only got one of you.

12. Coping mechanisms

When all else fails, think of curby.

11. Red flags

If you’re feelin’ this today, you’ve got plenty of company.

10. Two thumbs down

Except this time we’re the wet bandits.

9. Stress eating


8. Liver let die

This one goes out to my number one detoxifying organ.

7. Proper predictions

Joke’s on you, I looked like a pig before any of this started.

6. Agony

Is Heaven just all nat 20’s then?

5. The crown jewel

It’s not always good to be the king.

4. Ritalin me this

Hey, you completed this chart, that’s definitely something.

3. Pikachonk

Literally me.

2. Conspiracy 19

As usual, video games have shown us the way.

1. Demonology

This makes as much sense as any other element of astrology, so.

If that rundown hasn’t made you feel better, try scrolling to the top and repeating the process. If that fails, maybe go scream obscenities into a pillow and then have a snack.

What’s your go-to stress reliever lately?

Share your strategy in the comments.