There are memes out there for everyone and for every occasion. They’re funny, poignant, spot-on, and just what we need on some days.

And if you’re a lady who could use a laugh, we think these 14 memes are right up your alley.

14. This just made me cackle.

It’s funny…because it’s true.

13. She’s probably just joking.

Except not really. Watch yourself.

12. Let’s give this donation system a try, shall we?

Because I could also use a vacation.

11. Santa. Always screwing up.

Just like human biology. Stupid.

10. One, because I’m smart.

And second, because I don’t care.

9. We all become that hacker girl in every cop show.

She’s got nothing on a concerned friend, though.

8. It’s not a bad thing to ask questions.

But some people, you just know you don’t need to.

7. Your heart rate increases and you start to sweat.

I thought I was the only one!

6. I have a lot of questions, though.

Like…does this man have a tumbleweed on his head.

5. It drove my mother nuts in high school and it’s still driving her nuts now.

Which is just one more reason to do it.

4. I just want to put my hands up and say “preach.”

Way too many people think this is a lie.

3. And also your 40s.

Let’s see if we can keep the trend going!

2. Especially if the camera is accidentally turned around.

That is such a terrible, yikes moment.

1. This woman is a true hero.

Also, we are twins and I’m not sorry.

I don’t know if I’m a lady, but I’m definitely laughing!

Which one was your favorite? Tell us in the comments!