They say every dark cloud has its silver lining. With more and more of us working from home right now, one silver lining is that nobody’s looking over my shoulder while I browse memes all day.

Maybe you’re in the same boat? If so, come celebrate our meme freedom with this random collection of the good stuff. It will increase your at-home productivity, maybe.

Or maybe not. Who’s gotta know?

Now then, let’s take a look at these tasty memes. Be sure to share your favorites with your friends!

14. Post Traumatic Suck Disorder

13. Chips = Immortality

12. It’s all about perspective

11. The king of all he surveys

10. Self-owns are rare and valuable

9. Checkmate, flat-Earthers, and also me

8. Gotta conserve

7. Their expression is loud

6. Ah ah ah ah

5. Lower you expectations

4. Screw Columbus Day

3. Who did this?

2. He loves him more than Kanye West loves Kanye West

1. I’m getting mixed messages

Now quick, look busy! Or wait. I guess there’s nobody to look busy for.


Grab a snack. Then probably get back to doing real work. But thanks for hanging out with us for a while!

What’s your favorite source of memes?

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