Are you ever in the mood for something dumb? Like, good dumb? Well this collection of memes has got the goods. By which I mean the dumbs.

Enough with all the thinking and the worrying and the problem-solving and the working. Let’s look at some dumb. Let’s share the dumb. Let’s embrace the memes, together.

15. They’re learning

14. Whooo is that girl I seeee

13. America in a nutshell

12. That’s a pretty original sin…

11. Take the red pill, Neo

10. The spice is life

9. People are eating what now?

8. The name’s Bond, Chad Bond.

7. Truth in advertising

6. The wading is the hardest part

5. All books are good books

4. Dungeons and Drag-ons


2. The longer you look the worse it gets

1. New strategy: work from home

Now that’s the kind of satisfying dumb I crave. Did you know that if you scroll up you can see the whole collection again, but in reverse? #dumbtips

Where do you go to get your fix of the pleasantly mindless?

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