There are many reasons people make the decision to do drugs, and you know, maybe none of them are the best, in the end. But in the meantime, at least they can make the rest of us giggle.

Because some things, like these 14 episodes, would just never have happened without the aid of chemicals.

14. Who doesn’t love a sweet gal with freckles?

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13. Bless her heart.

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12. I think she’s onto you now.

11. You could have stopped at “eaten a burrito alone.”

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10. Just like when you’re driving and have to turn down the music to find your address.

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9. Oh, sweetheart. Just ask Alexa.

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8. That’s a moment when you’re having some seriously deep thoughts.

Back when I used to get stuck on stupid high.
byu/PrincessDONE inweed

7. This is disappointing for just so many reasons.

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6. It takes you a minute to even see it when you’re sober.

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5. Definitely a ghost.

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4. Your true heart came out just then.

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3. I hate to admit that this sounds like something I would do.

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2. Well, that escalated quickly.

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1. Sounds like as good of an excuse as any.

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If laughing at these people is wrong, then I just don’t want to be right.

What’s your favorite story about yourself or one of your friends being stoned? Share in the comments!