There’s an art to a great burn – it has to be timely, appropriate level for the prior tweet, and to be accessible by a large amount of people.

If you get it wrong, no one will laugh (or they’ll think you’re mean). If you get it right, you’ll be a legend – just like these 12 people did recently on Twitter.

12. That is not an accident.

Backing into the mailbox is an accident.

11. That’s quite a flex.

When you’re the best, you’re the best.

10. This man is on fire!

But seriously, group projects are the worst.

9. The burn just keeps going.

And improving as it builds.

8. That is quite an easy solution.

Also, people who tag artists in insulting tweets/reviews are just the absolute worst and deserve what they get.

7. Key word is “used” to.

We can all do something really stupid once.

6. I mean it also means it’s time to get out of the water.

Because grip or no grip, the water is still getting cold.

5. That’s the sort of thing that really sticks with you.

Middle schoolers are absolutely evil.

4. If only I could stroll past a panda on my walk.

Also, yeah. Was this image created in the year 2001?

3. I feel personally attacked by this content.

Seriously, check yourself. No one is accomplishing anything.

2. That is exactly the sort of lame burn I would expect from Nickelback.

That’ll do, Nickelback. That’ll do.

1. This is so wrong I can’t look away.

Why have some people been raised by animals?

I’m in awe of these people’s craftmanship! Amazing!

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