Have you ever been on a date so uncomfortable and annoying that you just got up and left in the middle of it? Or maybe you were on the receiving end of such a situation?

Either way, it’s awkward and uncomfortable for everyone involved.

AskReddit users shared their stories where this took place.

1. Do you have the plague?

“I told her I was color blind, she recoiled and said it was “gross” and sat there looking at me like I had the plague or something.

I just sort of got up and left.

It was really odd.”

2. A little too pushy.

“She started talking about ‘our wedding’ and ‘our future kids’ on our first date. She wasn’t joking around, and when I told her that it was way too sudden to be talking about that, she looked at me quizically and said “Don’t you want to get married?”

First online date I’d ever gone on. Plenty of awkward ones after that (including the girl who got drunk then admitted she had an infant son and lived with her ex-husband), but that one took the cake.”

3. That’s very awkward.

“He brought another girl with him.

We had agreed to go for dinner, then see a movie together, not with anyone else, as a date. We had definitely agreed it was, in fact, a date. I would’ve understood if we hadn’t made it clear if it was a date, but we both knew it was.

Anyways, he shows up with another girl. He pretty much ignores me the entire time, the bit*h is sneering at me when he isn’t looking. Why agree to a date when you’re going to bring another girl? He didn’t even tell me he was going to bring someone. He just did.

When we get to the movies, we take our seats, and I said ‘I’m going to the washroom’ and grabbed my stuff and left.”

4. By the way…

“Guy from OkCupid a few years back.

Takes me to a 5 star restaurant, I try to stick to the middle of the road drinks/food as it’s a first date. Dinner went really well so we decide to go for post-dinner drinks. I get to the point where I feel I should stop drinking since it’s a first date and I wasn’t really ready for him to see me trashed. He orders me another drink and then invites me over to his house because his wife is out of town.

Date over.”

5. What are your intentions?

“We met online.

She brought her sister on our first date. She never spoke and all her sister did was drill me about “my plans” and “my intentions.” After ordering she said “I hope you’re planning on paying. That’s what a real man would do on a first date.”

So I said “true but this wasn’t a date, it was a job interview” I dropped my half in cash and walked out. Btw I drove us there.

Never heard from them again.”

6. I’m very important.

“Blind date, Indian restaurant. First thing he does is produce a folder of photos of him and various celebrities. Shows me them, one by one. He keeps…clutching at me.

After about 15 minutes of this, I say “this isn’t really – I don’t think we’re compatible. I think I should go” and get up to leave. He stood up too, and shouted at me as I left. No, I did not look back.

This happened in the mid-1980s, so unless the guy you’re thinking of is now in his 70s, it’s not him.

Yes, a real manila folder, with 8×10 glossies, in a real manila enevelope. Mid 1980s. No Photoshop, no iphone.

The two celebs I remember seeing are Jimmy Carter and the Dalai Lama. Remember, this was 30 years ago.

No, I don’t remember what he was shouting. I was focused on GTFO of there, and as I said, 30 years ago.

No, I don’t remember which Indian restaurant, but it was in Cambridge MA. Yellow walls.

Yes, he was a Harvard man. No, he was not blind. A “blind date” is when somebody fixes you up with somebody you don’t know, or when you go out with somebody you’ve met via a dating service or ad. (No photos back then; just descriptions.)

Also, I am so glad this entertained you all. My operating principle re: nightmare experiences is “This is God’s way of giving us drinking stories.” You’ve proved me right.”

7. The baby was sober…

“Met girl online.

She shows up for our first date drunk, with her drunk friend… and one month old son that she had forgot to mention (baby was sober I think).

I excused myself to the restroom and ran like my ass was on fire.”

8. Sounds like a keeper.

“He was 45 minutes late, got mad that another guy had started chatting me up at the bar while I waited.

Then proceeded to tell me about the hidden satanic messages in the opening ceremony of the Olympics.”

9. Creeper City.

“I was in my late teens and went on a date with a friend of a friend. He seemed nice, and I got the OK from my bff, so I anticipated a pleasant, quiet evening – we were just going for frozen yogurt and TV at his house, after all. Well everything’s going smooth and he seems really sweet. He tells me he likes to write poetry and my teenage girl brain is thinking, “Wow! A sensitive guy! How refreshing.” Then he tells me that he wants to show me something. I assumed it was a poem he wrote because we had just talked about it.

ME: “Ok! What is it?”
HIM: “Well, it’s not ready yet, but it will be in a couple minutes.” As he leans over on his side, away from me. ME: Confused, because I’m expecting a poem… is he going to write a poem in a couple minutes? This is going to be awkward.

Then he starts making all these innuendos about what it is. I get annoyed because he sounds like he’s describing his p*nis, and the joke is dying fast. Finally, just to shut him up, I say, “If it’s your d%ck then NO I DON’T want to see it!”

HIM: “Oh… okay then.” And he sits back normally on the couch. I’m super confused and think he’s pulling my leg. I ask if he’s kidding and says no. He seriously wanted to whip out his junk and show me.
ME: “What the hell am I supposed to say to you while your d%ck is out?!”
HIM: “Well, my last girlfriend told me she’d been waiting to see it all night.” ME: Stunned silence. Then, “Ohh…kay…”

Being the awkward teen I was, I sat back into the couch, not touching him (we had been cuddling up until that conversation) and uncomfortably waited out the remainder of whatever show was on TV – and then bolted.

After I got home, I called my BFF and frantically told her what had happened. Her response? “Ohhh, yeah, I forgot to tell you. He likes to do that.””

10. I’m a professional.

“OKcupid date – emailed back and forth, had some common interests, seemed like we would get along. We met up and got food, a couple drinks, seemed to be getting along well. Then he starts talking about how good he is at Karaoke.

He’s been in contests and won first place, he and his friends go all the time, etc. I tell him I’ve only done karaoke a few times, when very drunk and with a big group of friends. I also mention that I’m pretty sure I’m tone deaf. He tells me there is a Karaoke place only one block away!!!

I tell him I’m not interested. He tells me you get your own little booth. No one else will even hear you. You can pick whatever songs you want!!! No waiting while other people sing!!! It’s clear he’s not giving up, so I grab two shots of vodka and say fine, I’ll try it. We go to the karaoke lounge and get our booth and he does three or four songs perfectly. I start my first song and he starts criticizing me, and pointing out what i’m doing wrong WHILE I’m trying to sing.

Then he picks up the other mic and starts singing over me. I say f*ck this and just get up to leave. He chases after me and tells me -” I need you to pay for half of this”. It’s $60. I look in my wallet, take out the only cash I had and said “here’s $20, and you can go f*ck yourself”. Then he follows me to the bus stop and tried to make idle chit chat while I wait to get the f*ck away from him.”

11. Show and tell.

“Had joined a new sports club and there was one guy who was quiet and kind of just hung around the periphery of the group. I felt kind of bad for him so was always trying to bring him into conversations and talk to him. One night we all went out for drinks after the game and I talked to him for awhile.

Conversation was hard work but he seemed like a nice guy. He texted and asked me if I wanted to go out for coffee. I wasn’t really interested but knew given how quiet he was that it probably took a ton of nerve to text me that and I thought maybe in a 1:1 environment he would be more comfortable and I could get to know him a little more.

We met at the coffee shop and he had a big backpack with him. We ordered drinks then chatted, with me again doing most of the talking – he rarely initiated but would answer questions. About 1/2 hour in he said he had a few things to show me to let me get to know him better. He then did a show and tell from his backpack pulling out various items and pictures and telling me about them.

Some were kind of interesting (a family trip) and some I had no idea how to respond to (here is a picture of how I had my hair cut in grade 8). He had stuffed animals and lots of items from his childhood. I kept trying to bring the conversation to the present to find out if the item linked to a current interest or hobby but he kind of had the story about each item rehearsed and he would go right back to the show and tell.

Eventually the table was full of stuff and I tried to politely say that I had seen enough and change the topic. He told me had still had more to show me. I ended up saying I felt sick and left. I felt kind of bad but it was just getting too weird.”

12. Blame it on the pot pie.

“I left in the middle of a movie once. The date was going great but I forgot that I had left a pot pie in the oven in my apartment (only broke college guys and old people eat pot pies). I remembered a few minutes in and whispered something along the lines of “gotta get my pot pie out of the oven so I don’t burn down my apartment I’ll be right back.”

I did return but she was pissed. Thought we could go see the pot pie and have a laugh. Arrived at my previously empty apartment to find my brother and the neighbor girls drunk and naked in my living room. Showed her the pot pie and she said something along the lines of “you’re an as$hole take me home”.”

13. Two-timing.

“I’ve had a girl walk out on me, took me weeks to realise why.

This was date 3. We’d met initially at a nightclub randomly, kinda just said hi and our groups merged (the boys and her girls), met up a week later at a carnival and ha a great time.

This day in particular, we met up for a basic lunch at a nice little spot near my place and just had nothing to talk about (which was odd, she seemed semi vacant). Lunch goes by with small talk, we pay separately and she asks to come back to my place – no problems there, she’s an attractive girl and I have a p*nis. Anyhow, we get back to my place, she throws on a dvd while I snack up the coffee table and we start talking about pet peeves with the opposite sex.

Usual things come up first, like toilet seat positioning and ‘get ready time’ for outings. Somehow it leads on to a story about this girl I knew who was ‘dating’ me whilst having an actual boyfriend on the side, and how disrespectful it was in the end. She just goes pale white, grabs her stuff and makes some excuse about forgetting something at home.

I thought I’d maybe sounded a bit cocky or come across like a douchebag, kinda felt like an ass for a day or so and moved on. My housemate ran into her and her boyfriend shopping a week later. That was awkward.”

14. Well, that’s a little forward.

“Went to get coffee to test the waters with someone new.

First thing he did was ask me to turn around and lift my shirt so he can see my ass.

I got up, turned around and walked out the door.”

I can honestly say that I’ve never walked out of a date…even though I wanted to sometimes…

Has this ever happened to you? Or maybe you were the one who walked out?

Tell us about your bad date experiences in the comments!