I’ve been friends with a lot of people for over 20 years and my mom pretty much all of them and what’s going on in their lives, at least on a surface level.

My dad? He’s met some of these people dozens of times over the years and he literally has no clue who any of them are. You remember Tim, who used to come over every single day when I was growing up? Nope. A total blank for Dear Old Dad.

And I guess I’m not alone, because people on Twitter have the exact same issue with their Dads. Take a look…

1. Never seen them before.

2. That’s 123 Main Street.

3. Hope for the best.

4. I think it’s all of them.

5. The man needs help.

6. That one friend you have…

7. That means you’re not going anywhere.

8. Get it together, Dad!

9. You really missed out.

10. That’s a long time.

11. Grandpas are still dads.

12. And we have a mom who admits to it, too…

So accurate and so on-point.

Do these tweets sum up your dad?

Tell us about it in the comments! Let’s keep this thread going!