If you’re gonna do it for the gram, you need to have friends who know how to take dope photos.

They need to know angles… they need to know distance… they basically just need to KNOW.

Here are 15 superheroes that made sure their best buds got those choice pics for the IG.

14. A friendship filled with adventure and danger!

13. Smoke bombs? I got you.

12. “So I’ve got this idea for a photo…”

11. Gotta make your friends look epic.

10. Sometimes you gotta get in the weeds!

9. Make those frans look adorbs!

8. “I need to get higher. Let me grab a stranger.”

7. Traffic be damned!

6. When inspiration hits!

5. True love

4. The best boyfriend ever!

3. Thank you fran!

2. Grocery store photo shoot!

1. Get low.

True friendship will always make room for the gram.