Endless wars are brewing between the different generations – Millennials and Boomers, Gen Z and Millennials, Boomers and Gen Z. Everyone is involved except Gen X, which is exactly how we like it, thank you very much.

Just keep ignoring us. It’s easier for us to do what we want that way.

The 14 questions below are for the Boomers in our lives, and I gotta say…we really need answers. So listen up, and pass it on!

14. They’re not just regular laughing, okay.

They’re REALLY LAUGHING and peeing their Depends.

13. My guess is it’s because they can’t hear.

Or maybe they don’t know where their caps lock key is.

12. They have nothing else to do and nowhere to go.

Unlike you and your fancy Netflix.


11. They didn’t grow up with computers.

And no, they don’t want to learn.

10. Their suspicious radar is just a bit off.

You’d think it would be all or nothing.

9. The minions are universally funny.

Idk why they’re talking about god, though.


8. You guys they can’t hear.



7. They remember the days before plastic, that’s why!

Remember the days before paper money?! No one does, but it happened.


6. The periods are obviously very important.

Like I said, they have time on their hands.

5. All the serious plagues have “the” in front of them.

Which is odd, because they’re not really taking this one seriously.


4. “Beautiful.”

I am laughing so hard at that one word.

3. I guess they think jamming it in is the answer to everything.

Hahahaha I’m funny guys.

2. That doesn’t even make sen…

Oh. Because of the lying fake news I guess.

1. It’s a question for the ages, to be sure.

I wouldn’t ask one directly, though.

Anyone get answers to these yet?

If you’re a Boomer, weigh in in the comments!