I don’t know about you, but these holidays wore me out. And I’m tired. And cranky. And annoyed.

But let’s change that right this instant!

How about we enjoy a bunch of funny tweets so we can all have a good laugh and get into a better mood? Let’s go!

1. That’s a great idea.

2. Why the small fan?

3. I’ll take that deal!

4. What am I doing with my life?


6. Those shoes are…really something.

7. That about sums it up.

8. A painful but funny joke.

9. Here come the waterworks.

10. Hahahahaha.

11. Looks delicious.

12. Kid has a bright future.

13. She DGAF.

14. Quite a story…

Did those tweets turn your frown upside down?

Did they make the corners of your mouth do a quick flip?

Did you find any of this mildly entertaining?

Let us know in the comments!