There have been documentaries in the past that have captured the world’s attention before, but honestly, I can’t really think of one that has caught on like wildfire the way Netflix’s Tiger King has in the past few weeks.

I suppose there’s just something about the combination of a gun loving, polygamous gay man breeding tigers in Oklahoma, a cult leader doing the same things (except heterosexually) in South Carolina, a (probably murderous) crazy cat lady in Florida, and a murder-for-hire that really captures people’s attention.

If you’re hooked and you can’t get enough, first of all, I feel you. Second, you’re going to want these 14 tweets in your life.

14. You know, I really think he would.

13. Something tells me they won’t be alone.

12. When he offered them tickets for another day I was just dying.

11. This must be true.

10. I really wish this wasn’t so true.

9. I am so grateful for people who notice things like this.

8. Of all the terrible hair in the series, this guy’s is the best/worst.

7. Hopefully none of us have to go that long without seeing a dentist.

6. You definitely don’t want to run to the bathroom.

5. Except scarier and with more guns.

4. You could not squeeze in one more piece of crazy.

3. All correspondence regardless of medium, actually.

2. A burning question we all need answered.

1. I cannot. *gags*

That series is really the most batsh*t thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Until now.

What did you think? I mean. If you need a support group we’re here for you in the comments.