They say that the restaurant business is pretty cut-throat and difficult to survive. Which I have to counter by saying that Red Lobster somehow brings in billions of dollars in revenue per year. Explain THAT with your precious science.

But, difficult or not, there appear to be some restaurants that are almost actively goading you into never coming back. Today we’re going to look at a few such examples from the people of Reddit, who might not recommend these particular eateries.

14. Hand starter

Yes I have a question. I’d raise my hand to ask it, but…

Most expensive restaurant I’ve ever been. Chef literally made the starter in our hand.
byu/Zero_Boss inWeWantPlates

13. The print

What is it with these fancy places and hand stuff?
Also, what is it with my phrasing just now?

A handful of raspberry sauce at a fancy restaurant
byu/pabloiswatchingyou inWTF

12. If the glove don’t fit

At least we know they’re being clean?

Ordered a pizza from a local restaurant and found a latex glove in it. Bolton UK
byu/VeNzorrR inWTF

11. Water you doing?

Any drink that looks like that and isn’t lemonade needs to go away.

Went to a local restaurant and ordered a water.
byu/Halfbl8d inWTF

10. Monsoon

The food in there must be absolutely FIRE.

Just some guys having a lunch in a restaurant during the monsoon season in Bangladesh.
byu/ramgorur inWTF

9. Egg Slut

I know nothing about this place except that I would likely thoroughly dislike the clientele.

How is this a real restaurant name?
byu/danno147 inWTF

8. What happens in Vegas…

Will cost you $25 a pop, apparently.

Snapped this pic at a Vegas restaurant; they were serious.
byu/yuiojmncbf inWTF

7. Do the math

…ok, but like, I can still poop in here right?

This is a bathroom door I found at a restaurant in Mumbai, India.
byu/JayPetey inWTF

6. The fight?

Um…excuse me?

My friend received this at a hibachi restaurant…
byu/QuiteTheLurker inWTF

5. Fly away

Memorialized forever.

The restaurant sealed this fly into the table.
byu/vikingfairy inWTF



Bed Bugs are not just in beds. These are under a table in a restaurant in Port Richey Florida.
byu/monkeywelder inWTF

3. Footlong

I don’t want those toasted, thank you.

A woman standing barefoot on a counter in a restaurant.
byu/oheezy intrashy

2. What’s going on?

Nevermind, the less I know the better.

Seen at someone’s local restaurant
byu/TKInstinct inWTF

1. Night cook

Oh I’m sorry, is it a CRIME to be COOL now?

A restaurant in my town. I think this fits here.
byu/GalisDraeKon intrashy

So, these might be places to stay away from. Forever.

What’s your weirdest restaurant story?

Tell us about it in the comments.