It’s important to be open to new experiences and all of that, but it’s also okay to know right away that an experience is definitely not for you.

And these people are saying no way, no how, to repeating these 14 experiences.

14. Too many people.

Went out side a few days ago. It was very cold and everyone was a jerk. Never again.

13. Tomato Tomato.

Wiping my ass with hand wipes. I thought they were just like baby wipes, so I took them with me to poo. Nope. 65% alcohol by volume per wipe. Basically gave myself an alcohol enema. At work.

Edit: I get it, it wasn’t actually an enema. I did get kinda buzzed from it though, and I’m not very good with descriptions.

12. A disgrace to humanity. Lol.

McDonald’s Poutine as a Canadian this a disgrace to humanity.

I’m from Saskatchewan and although it probably never compares to what is in Quebec there are some delicious poutines here. Poutine is a magical combination of fries, gravy, cheese curds (so help me god if it’s shredded cheese). It’s like life there are soft moment, crunchy moments, and above all when you are drunk at 2 am it tastes amazing.

But McDonalds is a bastardization of a beautiful thing, like the stupid kid Johnny drew a stick figure and said it compared to the Mona Lisa at the Luv. Absolute garbage, f*ck you McDonalds, f*ck YOU! (Sorry, eh)

11. Seriously, they made me barf.


10. So, it was fun?

Bungee jumping. I am terrified of heights, hated every second of it, and vomited right after.

I am glad I took the chance and did it once, but will NEVER do it again.

9. There are more things to worry about than pregnancy, though?

I’ve came inside a girl in a one night stand.

She said she was sterile and was right, but the anxiety of waiting for her time of the month was hell.

8. Only nearly?

Plagiarism. It nearly got me kicked out of my class.

7. Fool me twice…

Ziplining. I did it, and the harness ripped right up my crotch. It was like being Falcon Punched in the testicles. I was told to try it again later on, comforted by people telling me “Oh, It was just a bad experience”. Nope. Full force of gravity to the ball$ AGAIN.

Maybe I just have a sensitive scrotum, but I am sure as hell not going to be fooled thrice into getting my nuts brutalized by a fundamental force of the universe.

EDIT: I got gold for talking about what could have been the complete loss of my reproductive abilities. Thanks, Reddit.

6. Sometimes moving on is best.

Try to repair a broken or dead relationship (be it friendship or romantic). Sometimes, it’s best to just move on instead of trying to relive the past.

5. That sounds horrifying.

Smoking salvia was by far the worst drug experience of my life. I took one huge hit from a bong, sat down on a couch, and then 10 seconds later my entire world started to vibrate until it shattered. I blacked out.

When I came to it felt like I was being torn away from a giant cylinder. My friends were all laughing but I was terrified and extremely disoriented. Like I wasn’t sure if I came back as the right person. I started doing multiplication and simple math in my head to make sure my brain still worked. Then I checked my Facebook to make sure I still was who I thought I was. Horrible experience.

TL;DR: Never smoke salvia. Ever.

4. Just say no.

Haribo Sugar Free Gummy Bears

3. Risking your life is not a game.

coffee card games where you drink coffee if you lose a round.

I drank six redbulls and 20 smal cups of coffee in a row and then I felt bad…was like a 48 hour hangover with mild hallucinations. I couldn’t eat or drink anything and I was an absolute wreck.

Haven’t touched coffee in six months after that.

2. Why would anyone do it again?

Sky diving. Did it, all set. Not that it wasn’t fun or that I was horribly terrified. To be honest I don’t think my brain even realized what was going on as I sat on the edge of teh airplane doorway. Just that it isn’t something I feel would be worth doing again.

1. Not even once. Seconded.

“Natural” child birth. I read all the literature on it, and thought I was prepared, so when I went in to have my daughter I was adamant that I wanted NO drugs, NO epidural, because I am a woman, hear me roar. Then I had my first real contraction and was like NOPE, nope nope nope.

Considering I was in labor for 43 hours, I think I made the right call.

Natural childbirth-not even once.

I’ll have to think about what my addition to the list would be…

Do you have one? What is it? Share it with us in the comments!