“Better than sex” is usually reserved to describe something really, really amazing (because obviously) – so, you might be skeptical that we could round up not only one but fourteen things that you mind find more enjoyable than a roll in the hay.

And maybe you won’t agree with all of them, but I bet at least a few of them will totally blow your skirt up.

Take a look!

14. For just a minute, you feel like a superhero.


13. Wait, are we supposed to hold it in?


12. There’s no moment of relief like it.

11. And you don’t even get a followup email blissss.


10. Still waiting on this one to happen.

9. All of the room in the backseat, none of the small talk.

8. It’s a different kind of happy ending.

7. There is nothing more satisfying.


6. And then had the opposite moment when it brought them back…

5. This is one of the best ways to become instant besties.

4. It’s like you can feel your browser heave a sigh of relief.

3. You just let loose and pray no one is monitoring that call.

2. It wasn’t me, it was the universe. Swear.


1. You get a timely payment, and YOU get a timely payment!

The best part is, you can even do some of these in public!

Is there something you say is better than sex?

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