There are countless movies, books, and television shows that imagine the end of the world via hostile alien invasion, but in all of them (until now) it’s been humankind that has risen to the challenge.

This Tumblr thread says hold up, though, because there’s a good chance animals are going to have to suit up, too, if we’re going to be victorious.

First there are bears and hippos.

Then, of course… you have the badgers.

Yeah, badgers will f*ck YOU UP.

Don’t mess with those badgers, folks!

And oh, moose and skunk!

Bet you didn’t see those two coming, did you aliens?!

And the list keeps building and building!

And that was before they headed to Australia… which is where things get cray cray!

Are you ready for the emus? No you are NOT!

Oh yeah, and don’t forget the kangaroos… who are beasts!

Calling all animals! Onward into battle!

But wait… there’s more.

Because you forgot about… THE INSECTS MOTHER****ERS!

Don’t unleash some of the insects.

Unleash ALL the insects!

And even still… there are so many lines of defenses left.

So. So. So. So. So. So. So. So. So. Sooooooooooooo many.

And the human guides, of course, are worthless (probably because we don’t actually know how we have survived for so long).

All the way to bacteria!

Take that aliens!

You never had a chance!

I’m just saying, after reading all of that, I think we should just hide and let the animals handle it.

Did you love this? Would you see the film? Because I definitely would.

Avatar would have nothing on this blockbuster.