I am personally not ashamed to admit I’ve thought many of these at least once.

But everybody else… are you willing to admit that you think weird things on the daily? Because it’s not a weakness to just volunteer that, yeah, you’re weird. And your brain’s weird and feels broken sometimes… but it’s not broken! It’s creative and sh^t!

All this is right here is creativity bursting forth from our head sponges. So celebrate and feel the memes hug you like a warm brain blanket.

14. Same

Photo Credit: snoia.tumblr.com

13. Yarp

12. Really tho?

11. Oooh stealing

10. GO ON…

9. Me

8. Also me

7. Uhhh…

Photo Credit: batreaux.tumblr.com


5. Only every day

4. Omg me too

3. Of course

2. Don’t we all

1. A happy ending

I feel more empowered already! Let’s go do so many things with our new, shared, unstoppable knowledge!