Discussion boards are meant to give people the opportunity to interact and, well, discuss a particular topic. In recent years, college professors have embraced the concept, and the idea that it will allow their students to sound ideas off one another and learn to engage in respectful debate.

That…often does not happen.

As is proven by these 14 rather insightful tweets.

14. He didn’t say WHAT you had to comment.

13. Hilarious and well-crafted on so many levels.

12. That’s a very specific opening line.

11. It’s a good strategy because no one is reading all that.


10. Did you mean blackOUT?


9. Kids will always find a way to do less work if you leave open a door.


8. You just did everyone’s work for them congrats.

7. It’s amazing how close you came to faking it.

6. Are we trying to hit a word requirement here?


5. Expert level commenting.


4. Is it BYOB because I’m on the way.

3. Yes, yes, so insightful.


2. I don’t see why that’s a problem.

1. So many exclamation points!

I’m glad I went to college in a time where email was just getting off the ground, honestly.

Would you survive in this new world of digital classrooms, or do you think some things shouldn’t change quite so much?

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