These 14 tweets are perfect, because they take little, mundane things about men and totally use them to destroy the entire gender in less than 280 characters.

Which sounds mean, I suppose, but when the humor is so perfectly crafted, I’m betting that even the males among you aren’t going to be able to help laughing.

14. That’s IF they washed their face.

13. You know it.

12. Cheers to the petty queens everywhere.

11. This is probably a generous average.

10. Imma need you to back tf up.

9. It takes a lot of concentration, okay?

8. I’m going to go out on a limb and say no.

7. This makes me so glad I’m old.

6. I’m pretty sure this is accurate.


4. Yet somehow they manage to survive.

3. Painfully true. This is also why they record it.

2. 99% of people should say no to both.

1. Mic drop.

These were just what I needed today – some people are just so Twitter-funny!

Did these make you LOL Which one was your favorite?

You know what to do… tell us in the comments?