We’d hate to have you moving into the last couple months of the year without having consumed all of the best and funniest tweets!

So, we’ve got your back – here are 14 tweets that we just couldn’t let you miss.

14. We all know there aren’t any.

13. Is it not hummus?


12. She’s got a plan for that.

11. It’s almost like they’re trying to convince themselves.

10. This is an accurate summation.

9. The cattiest cat thing on the caternet.


8. This is an accurate depiction of me, as well.

7. I’m betting she’s not nearly as cute.


6. This is just too perfect.

5. We heard there were cats.

4. I could argue but what would be the point?

3. I just snorted.

2. Well when you put it that way.

1. I’m pretty sure that’s right, yes.


I’m sure glad I read through these – every morning is better with a laugh!

Did you have a favorite tweet last month?

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