It happens to the best of us; you’re scrolling your feed, surfing around your webzones of choice, opening the same three apps over and over, and then you see it – a tweet that absolutely stops you in your tracks.

“Who comes up with this?” you think to yourself, “What miracle of man has such a marvel made possible?” Then you spread the gospel of that tweet, retweeting it, screenshotting it, tagging friends, sticking it in the group chat, doing whatever you possibly can to ensure that others also understand how great this tiny bit of internet is.

There is a celebration, the moment passes, you see another wonderful tweet, and the cycle begins anew.

There are worse ways to spend your time. In celebration of the kind of joy that comes from that phenomenon, here are 14 tweets that made us stop and take notice recently.

14. Everyone’s a critic

This applesauce is so chunky, a snake is tempting me to eat it.

13. Next stop: nowhere

Your mom sounds absolutely brutal.

12. I want a new drug

I, too, often get sidetracked by pizza while trying to do my job.

11. How dare you

I would really rather not get what I paid for.

10. High steaks

Ah yes, a warrior’s death.

9. The 11th commandment

Don’t forget to ask them 90 times a day if they are, in fact, a good dog.

8. Corporate mascots

Help us, doggo. You’re our only hope.

7. Best kept secret

Gawd, stop ruining EVERYTHING.

6. Chill hard

Time to whine and dine.

5. Wastin’ away in Margaritaville

It’s like we’re living in some kind of reverse prohibition.

4. Dressing up

Dude, that’s like 25,000 islands.

3. Booty calls

It’s my number 2 asset.

2. Cat-astophe

“Unidentifiable Viscera” is my new band name.

1. A Game of Nopes


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